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Sump Pump

Basement Work in Northeast Ohio

What happens when waterproofing fails, and water gets into your basement? Usually, flooding occurs, but with sump pumps, you can avoid that horrible situation. Sump pumps will instantly pump out any extra water, so you'll never face the situation of a flooded basement.
Rain gutter system

A Simple Installation

All American Basement Waterproofing will put a hole in your basement floor that is a plastic pit with holes drilled in the bottom. When the ground becomes wet, the pit fills up with water. When it gets high enough, the sump pump we install will turn on automatically and push the water out of your property into a discharge pipe.

Building Codes

Usually, a drain tile around the perimeter of the house is required. They are hidden under your concrete basement floor and tied into a sump pit. The drain tile is buried in a bed of gravel, which helps water flow out of the slits in the walls. This ensures that your basement stays dry.

Sump Pump Motors

The standard motors that come with sump pumps are 1/4 or 1/3 HP motors. They can be in a plastic or iron housing. The most expensive option is the 1/3 HP cast iron sump pump. Speak to us today if you're interested in having a sump pump installed.
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